Join our exclusive regatta for the Health & Care sector

  • Monday, June 21st 2020
  • KYCN (Koninklijke Yachting Club Nieuwpoort), Belgium

The Captains of Health and Care Sailing Cup is a special and unique edition of the Captains of Industry Sailing Cup Classics regatta that focuses on leaders in the Health and Care sector. This race will be sailed with unique boats with some dating from around 1930 and later. These ladies are in good condition and the experience of sailing is royal!

The formula or concept is the same as the Captains of Industry Sailing Cup. Participants invite their customers, prospects, business relations, staff or employees to enjoy an unforgettable day at the North Sea with exclusive boats in an atmosphere of all elements of nature. Sea, sun, waves, wind and of course enthusiastic sailors. Moreover, it is a perfect way to connect and to meet business leaders and other leading companies in the Health & Care sector.

Feel free to contact us for more information or participation.