18 until 23th of June 2024 - Nieuwpoort

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Tuesday 18th of June

Admirals Cup

by Degroof Petercam & ISS

Original, selective and even a bit mystic.

Driven and originated by some leading ‘real’ Belgian Captains of Industry, we make this great idea happen and created the Admirals Sailing Cup for Top Entrepreneurs. This exclusive happening is a limited and closed experience. The Admirals will be welcomed and served in real Admiral style. Only Star chefs will cook on the spot the best tastes of the sea  by  the idyllic view of the peninsula. After some interesting talks about the circular future, the Admirals will be invited to sail the fabulous Admirals Sailing Race. The ships for the Admirals are carefully selected in the international fleet. This will be a legendary an unforgettable experience of which every Admiral should admire the memories movies again and again

Become an admiral

Do you want to become an Admiral?
Participating in the Admirals cup is a unique experience. Therefore, with a limited number of participants, we want to maintain exclusivity here. Offer your customers something extraordinarily special by coming to the Admirals Cup with them. Prizes are not the same as at the rest of the event. Would you like to participate on this day? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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Brought to you by Degroof Petercam


Participate as a non sailor

Prefer to stay ashore but don’t want to miss the event? Would you rather just listen to the plenary sessions? We have a number of options to suit your needs so you don’t have to miss a thing. Learn with the day’s content sessions, only come to network or go full-on for 3 days of content sessions without sailing. Everything is possible.

Full day

Support the sailors, talk and learn from fellow entrpreneurs and businessman and celebrate with the winners.

Included: VIP catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner), unlimited drinks, reception and after party
Not bitten by sailing, but interested in the speakers and content sessions? With this ticket you have full-day access to the venue and exclusive access to the plenary hall. Also included is all catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner), unlimited drinks, reception and afterparty.

Half day

Come celebrate with the winners, chat with and learn from fellow entrepreneurs and businessmen. You will have access to the venue from 5pm

Included: VIP catering (dinner), unlimited drinks, reception and after party.
This ticket gives you half-day access to the venue and content sessions with all accompanying catering. You can choose whether this is the morning (breakfast to lunch) or afternoon (after lunch to dinner). Included: VIP catering (based on choice daypart), unlimited drinks.


Available for content only. This gives you access to the venue and all plenary sessions for 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). You do not sail, but enjoy the best speakers, top catering and the unique atmosphere of the setting.

Included: VIP catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner), unlimited drinks, reception and after-party on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday's theme is private

We like to keep the theme and programme of this day to ourselves and the participants. We will follow the established pattern and will let our guests enjoy exclusive speakers who will motivate and inspire them. All of course with an Admiral sauce over to stay within our theme day. The speakers will be chosen in consultation with our partners and will closely match the target audience. After lunch, we will slip into our best sailing clothes to spend a few hours at sea. On our return, a star chef will be waiting for us with his team to take us into the evening together.