Drone footage during The Captains of Industry Sailing Cup

Excellent news! Thanks to our partner Citymesh, a drone pilot will be present on June 24th to take some captivating aerial footage of the event. Citymesh will record high resolution video images of the event in its whole: boats, participants, event village, etc. Make sure you look your best and don’t forget to smile and wave when you see the drone fly over!

Citymesh delivers state-of-the-art connectivity. As operator and integrator, Citymesh has been planning, installing and maintaining high-end networks for fifteen years. Next to their networks, they offer complimentary innovative solutions to reach the next level in every market Citymesh serves.

Networks and solutions are custom-made, all according to the desires and needs of the customer. Citymesh combines a targeted approach with far-reaching innovation and stays on top of the newest innovations.

Learn more about our new partner here.

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