On Friday, Jo Caudron shouts WTF on our stage

WTF – What the Future, is a presentation by Jo that talks about the uncertainties of today, and the road to a brighter future. You can hear him talk on Friday, during the Industry Cup.

We are living in a decade of major disruptions and system shocks: digital challenges, societal shifts, pandemics, climate disasters, geopolitical tensions, deglobalisation, the (energy) crisis, … are all
pushing us into an accelerated transformation of different levels in society and economy.

The “Old Normal” no longer exists and the journey towards a new future has begun.

In his new 2023 keynote, Jo explores the current state of the world and the rough journey that we are facing in the upcoming years. He describes the challenges, constraints, opportunities and new
rules for businesses in order to be both impactful in society and economically prosperous.

Jo presents a simple method that helps you deal with uncertainty
and design a roadmap towards an optimistic future.
Be ready to get inspired, shocked and scared but also
to become enthusiastic about the possibilities of tomorrow.

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